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Air conditioning in different countries have different specifications most of the time. In London however, as one of the world’s leader in building a fortune, air conditioning has become a requirement in this big city. If you are living in a flat on your own, it is best for you to get a portable air conditioning London instead of installing AC system. The ability of portable air conditioning unit which can be moved anywhere is that it is easier to handle than permanent AC system. It is more advisable for people living in an apartment to get a portable air conditioning system rather than permanent as the latter will take so much effort before it can be moved.

Comparison of Portable vs. Permanent

Permanent, from the word itself will be installed to your wall and you will have a difficulty moving it around your apartment while portable one will be lighter making it more convenience to transport when you are about to move out. Considering its ability, portable air condition is slightly smaller than permanent one. This also means that portable air condition will offer you lower efficiency compared to permanent which comes in a larger size and will offer you greater power. When talking about the noise that it will make, portable air condition makes more noise because the compressor is fixed with the equipment. On the other hand, permanent air condition will not bother you about making noise because its compressor is built outside your dwelling.

This simple comparison is just to give you idea on what to expect when you choose a portable air conditioning London over a permanent one. But it is obvious what to choose if you only have a small dwelling considering you are only staying in a little apartment built for a single person only, and besides the bigger the equipment the bigger the power consumption.

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