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Even though London is a wealthy city, it can still feel the heat of the sun especially today where climate change already affected the planet making it hotter. The demand for cooling system and equipment has been seen on a higher level since people in this part of the world are not used to feel higher temperature. Hotter temperature means that dwellings and business offices need an effective cooling system to compensate their needs. If you are considering looking for an air con London, take some of the information below to help you decide the compatible air conditioning system for your dwelling or even your business.

  • Room size – basically the unit that you are going to acquire should compensate the size of your room. A bigger room definitely needs a bigger unit having the capacity to it down. On the other hand, if the room is relatively small, it would look obvious if you try to install a large unit having a capacity to cool down a room twice as big as that.

Types of Air Con London

  • Condenser – this type of air conditioning removes extra heat that makes it an effective cooling system. Condenser comes in ducted and remote type. The remote one can be hanged in window while duct type blows the air out on the rear-mounted duct.
  • Evaporative cooler – this portable air conditioning draws out the warm air through a filter then converted it to become a cold air.
  • Drip and non-drip – non-drip type recycle the moisture providing an extra cool temperature while the drip type expels the water thus making the air cooler.

Reverse cycle – although this is not a natural air cooling system this is still considered as one. This type has the ability to cool down air as well as warm the air when winter comes. This is normally expensive because of its two way effect.

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